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January '19

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January '19

Happy 2019!

šŸŽ¶Ā Listen to the sunrise on Mars

Inspired by the 5000th Martian sunrise taken by NASA'sĀ Opportunity rover. It's calledĀ Mars soundscapes, and was created by sonification of an image of the sun rising. Soni-what? Yeah, I had to look that up too. Apparently it's the use of non-speech audio to convey info or perceptualizeĀ data. Either way it's creepy, butĀ beautiful.

šŸŒæĀ How plantsĀ sense temperaturesĀ 

Scientists are interested in figuring outĀ how plants experience temperatures. This will help usĀ predict not only future food availability but also help develop new technologies to help them cope with rising temperatures. Fun fact: plants grow following the circadian clock, which is controlled by the seasons. All of a plant's physiological processes are partitioned to occur at specific times of day.

šŸ¦Ā How mathematical models helpĀ endangered speciesĀ 

Professor Fernando Colchero's research focuses on mathematically recreating the population dynamics. HeĀ constructs population modelsĀ that predict how a certain endangered species will change over time, by taking into accountĀ the species' environment, survival rates and reproduction rates to determine population's size and growth.

šŸŒ…Ā Have you seen the green flash at sunset?

I've heard about it, but I've never seen it. Here'sĀ the science behindĀ how and when that happens. Typically near flat terrain, and sometimes by the waterĀ 

šŸ› ļøĀ NatureĀ is greater than the sum of its partsĀ 

AnĀ opinion pieceĀ on how we've learned about the many parts of nature's system, and how much we still have to learn and discover.Ā 

"Trying to put a financial value on a tree was a way to catch the attention of politicians and decision-makers that a tree was worth way more than just how many picnic tables could be made from the harvested lumber. Natural capital quickly became renamed as environmental services..."

Until next month,
treesnotpeople team

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